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Youth Group

For all Middle School and High School Students

A Message from Fr. Tri Regarding the Youth Group

Dear parishioners,             

After much prayers and seeking advice from others, I had decided to change the direction of our youth program. We are one of the biggest parishes in the archdiocese; we should have more youth involvement and more activities for our youth. I want to bring the Life Teen and the Edge programs to our parish. In order to have all of these programs, it requires a fulltime youth minister to do the job. 

I want to thank Mrs. Lori Gallegos for her service to our parish especially to our youth. She has great love and devotion to our youth and she has touched and influenced many youth. If you see her, please say thank to her on our behalf. May God bless and reward her for her generosity and her ministry.

In regards to our youth group, we will continue to have youth group every Friday night from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. The Youth Group will resume on 3/22. 

Fr. Tri  



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